down low, too slow

Posted on 14th June 2012 in Fun with my son

While we were walking towards the train, he asked for daddy express, I told him that he’s getting too big for that. I asked him”what your legs are broken?” he said yes. I then said “well I guess we’ll have to camp out here till they get better”. So he stopped walking and just stood there, arms crossed looking at me. We stood there for about 5 minutes, finally he moved. Then he asked for daddy express again.  “Ok we have to come to some agreement. You walk one block, daddy express the next.” He agreed to that, so you can guess what happened when it came time to hold up his end. This time he held out for 20 minutes. During that time I explained the concept of making an agreement and sticking to it.

He mentioned that he was hungry so we headed towards Mc Donald’s. Breakfast had just stopped, so while we were waiting, he started to act up. Running around the food court, just being a child. We got our food, Ajani still running around. I grabbed him and sat down.  I was getting the food ready when he grabbed the fries and threw them on the floor and flashed “that smile”. I put him in a time out, he ran away, did that about 3 times. He then asked for a toy.

“After what you did this morning, do you think you deserve a toy?” He said No

“What did you do that you do?’ he said not listen.

“Can we go to Kmart?” he then asked. I said sure but you’re not getting a toy.

I let him lead the way and sure enough we arrived at the toy department. He walked up and down carefully looking over all the toys. He picked one out. I then reminded him of our earlier conversation. “I’m mad at you” he managed to get out through the crying. I said

“And that’s not going to be the last time; I would not be doing my job correctly if you’re not mad at me during the course of your life.”

There is something about the train ride that knocks him out. And like clockwork, he woke up as soon as we arrived at my brothers.  He acted up while we there and spent a good portion of the day in time out.

The highlight of the day was this: my brother usually greets him with a “give me five up high, down low (then he would move his hands) ahh to slow” This time Ajani said all of that to him.

 It is really fascinating to see him learning and picking up on life.


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