Fear the fish/SSDD/Reality pt2

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After our usual greeting  he wanted to go straight to his uncles house, no movies, I wanted to see Iron Man. He didn’t want to eat just, he just wanted to leave. While we were on the train he was playing with my phone sitting next to a woman. She commented on his eyelashes,”I would kill someone for those eyelashes”.  Ajani was playing a new game that he found on my phone “Aces of the Luftwaffe” I was pointing out pointers on how to play the  game, he was all ” I got it” and he was doing pretty good. He was playing the game so well and enjoying his self, she whipped out her phone, downloaded the game and stated playing. He looked at her phone and said” Daddy she ‘s playing the same game”  So together they were shooting down planes until she got off.

After breakfast he saw a Skylanders Giants poster and the toys r us. Daddy Skylanders!! he keep repeating. I then went in to spoiled brat mode. ” I don’t want to go to the store I want to go out side” and stated stomping my feet. He grabbed my hand and lead me into the store. He now has Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt. I suspect that he will have them all pretty soon.

Arriving at his uncles house he was greeted with the usual ” hi Ajani” and hugs and kisses. Mark was telling me about the award the Patricia won for her drawing of Ajani. A government sponsored are contest and She got third over all First in PA. This picture was  hanging in Washington

Boy Lilikio

Boy Lilikio

He saw the pic and said daddy I don’t like owls. I then explained that owls represent wisdom and intelligence. Daddy I like Owls was his next sentence.  He was showing everyone his new toy, when the question came up, what his name. So his cousin searched and found his name and a online game. They played that for a while and hopped on Mario Kart and Mario Baseball. He is improving on both. On the last visit, one of his cousins was teaching him a word/hand game Ricky Ticky something with some hand movement. Now she showed  three times on the last visit and he basically got it down. This week she asked him to repeat it. She started to do it and after the first three words he picked it right up going through the arm motions and the words. At one point he paused, you could see the wheels spinning as he was gathering up his thoughts.

Back at my place he wanted to play the  Skylander game so I set him up on my laptop. and we found the site. There is a Tetris type game and he started playing it he played for a couple of hours. I was running around the house.I had stopped to talk to my roommate and I heard “DADDY DADDY” in a scream. Oh what the hell happened! i ran upstairs he was jumping up and down. “I won I won I won” he keep saying and sure enough he beat the game. The next morning




She was told not to have both of them come to the drop off. That it creates a hostile environment. Well the other one got out the car and walked in to the police station. messed up yea

Reality pt2

No evidence, no witness, no nothing just a lie upon lie.

This is what is  in family court now

Philly Judge Under Fire For Racist Remarks | Support Your Local 

POLS ON THE STREET: Vice President Polling Draws GOP ..

Jul 27, 2012 – Judge Peter Rogers is facing a complaint filed with the Judiciary Review Board by the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police for “inappropriate 

Hon. Peter F. Rogers – Ratings, reviews, comments, and information 


Judge Peter Rogers is a travesty to the Judicial System in this Country my experience with him is he was either Drunk or loaded he paid no attention to the case 

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