Not Guilty!

Posted on 9th November 2011 in the courts, Them

Those two words felt so goddamn good, the look on their faces was priceless. First I would like to thank the judge who could see through her bull shit. Second the Public Defenders Association, good job. And last but not least, the person who took her statement on July 7th. WORD for WORD. That’s doing your job. For the first time, in this matter, the court system did something right.

I arrived about 8:50 read the Metro and waited. 9:20 I heard some keys rattling, It was her. She walked in, the transformation is almost complete. She walked up to the Prosecutors’ table. Laughing and looking all confident. Then the air got a little chilly, the low rattle of timpani drums began and the floor trembled, Creature 1 entered. Followed by its shadow, all light disappeared as it was absorbed by the growing black hole that is it becoming.

The trial stated at 12:45, she testified first. Key point, the police report was filed on July 7th. Incident happened on July 3rd.  Once again it’s an after thought (Jan 26 2009). Also when asked how she felt when she received the text, “I was scared”.  Now here’s where a person is earning their paycheck. In her statement she stated that “under the advisement of her attorney, that she file a contempt charge for the text.”

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I remembered that I still had a copy of the order in my wallet. Showed it to my attorney she read it made copies passed it out. Then it was my turn:

On July 3rd CR dropped off Ajani at 9:30

On the pickup DM arrived. I pointed her to the window. She walked over and the officer on duty informed her that since she was not on the court order, I did not have to give Ajani to her.  We left I then texted her and CR. I was then asked to read a part of the order

“Mother or maternal Grandmother to drop off and pick up child. Parties to communicate by e-mail any necessary information pertaining to the child.”

Defense Rest.

Took the Judge about 15mins,

“Mr. Thomas I find you not guilty of contempt, you were in your rights to contact Roslyn Hopson about this matter.”

I spent 18hrs in jail, denied a visit with my son.


Nelson please do me the honors !




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