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Posted on 21st February 2012 in Fun with my son, the courts, Them

That’s right and for two reasons first: I got to spend time with my son. Second: very good day in court on Monday. I did not make a post about that, still stunned. I’ll talk about it later on in this post.

With a great big hug we greeted each other. Right off the bat he asked “do you have a surprise for me”? I said not today! But I have good news; soon we are going to spend more time together. So we set off to his uncle’s house. On the train ride he asked for the Thomas game. After setting it up, he jumped right into the matching game. After about 3 rounds of that he wanted to go to puzzles. He started on level 3 and did not have a problem. He did about 7 of those so we moved on to insects, birds, and shapes. While we were doing shapes, it got interesting. I showed him a rectangle I asked “what’s this shape” he said rhombus. I got to thinking I’ve heard of that before. I corrected him on the rectangle.

Arriving at my brothers, he was greeted with the usual hugs and kisses. While we were playing his cousin Patricia had something to show us and this was it.

Painting of Ajani

“Oh the things u will see”

I was amazed; I knew she was a good artist. But this was just damn good. I showed Ajani and I asked him who is that? He said AJANI. He then asked “what am I looking at”. Patricia said “space” so the rest of the day was spend with him saying “daddy I’m looking in to space” We had lunch and played horsey and some Mario Go Kart. When it was time to leave, once again we went through it. He fell asleep on the train




Feb 13th

I was nervous because with the last hearing. Things did not well at all (post: not in Kansas). I arrived at 9 am. She arrived 9:30. There was no attorney for her so I guess the money ran out. Also here two shadows were mot there either. ODD! Things are looking up!  I made a statement that I did not get any visits for the last 3 weeks. I then told the judge about the call from DHS. Then I gave the judge a letter from said agency, silence. The judge read the letter out loud. Then proceeded to ask her question that eventually lead to her being caught up in 1 lie. She was caught in another one also about the 24th of Dec.

She was found guilty of contempt of the custody order and Ms Hopson was advised that continual violations of the custody order will result to incarceration. The Judge also advised me that I WILL be getting more time with my son Saturdays with an overnight into Sunday. And eventually I will get weekends. As for the outburst and award winning performance by Roslyn Hopson here’s a little something for ya


The judge did say something that got my interest. I should put you two in a room by your selves and hash it out. Now the only reason a judge would say something like that is: THERE IS NO LEGAL REASON FOR THIS, which is something I WANT TO DO!!  But there are two underlying factors in all this:


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