Church Ninja

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As soon as he saw me he said Hi daddy, can we leave, (more on that!) Which I was happy to do. We were heading to my old school again. I asked him do you want to go to church for just a few min with daddy?  Yes.  Since we also decided to go to downtown, I figured we would knock out two birds. He wanted to play the cars matching game, so with him on my shoulders, and the phone resting on my head, we were off. Every time he got a match, the game makes a noise. From the time it took us to get to the El, it was almost complete. We stopped to get some juice and he saw a candy/toy machine. He picked one that had small ninja figures. He pointed to a red one and I explained to him that the one you want it not the one you will get. He put the quarter in and turned the leaver, with a little help. Ninja in hand, we set off. On the train platform, I noticed this


another injury

He said some girls did it.

I had to take care of a personal matter, so I explained to him that we have to be quiet. He understood. He tapped me on my arm and said “daddy can we leave”. When I looked at him, there was terror in his eyes. He was visibly scared of something.  He even pointed to his ninja and said ‘daddy even he his scared.


I was scared too!


We left the church and I told him that we can go to his favorite store, he got real excited.  He lead the way and we wound up at 34 South 11th St I explained to him what this building is and what happens in there. We have a little chant that we say when ever we go near that building.



On the way to the Gallery we ran in to poles and bounced off them, he really loved doing that. (And I do too!) People were laughing and watching us bounce of them. Wandering through the Marriott, he had his cars in hand and ran them up the walls, the sides of the escalator, and surface that was in arms reach. Coming down the escalator, he saw Dunkin Doughnuts and wanted a chocolate one and was VERY specific about what he wanted. We got a cup of holes and headed to Burlington Coat Factory. The usual tour all 3 floors in and out of the isles. When we do that I point out different things or he will ask “what this daddy” And I explain what it is and all the ways you can use it.

Heading out of the store we were hit with the smell of fresh popcorn, and he wanted some. Following the scent, I tried to let him lead the way and he almost made it. Popcorn in hand, we were off to my brothers.

love that popcorn!

 When I came in with his lunch, I was greeted with “daddy daddy” and a big leg hug. We sat down to eat, but he was preoccupied. My brother just got a new sofa and he wanted to see. After going back and forth on when he can get up, he finally ate what he had to and went to test out the new sofa. It was Ajani approved! Bouncing off and on to the floor, he had a ball! And played till it was time to go.

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Chocolate fingers

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After the pickup we headed to my old school in west philly. Our Lady of Rosary was where I began my educational journey. The name has changed, but everything is still the same. As we walked around the school yard, I was telling him about what I did here and there. Where I used to line up, play wall ball chase the girls, and roll down the incline in old carpet rolls, brought back a lot of memories.  We entered the church and waited for mass to start. I gave Ajani my phone to occupy his time. Now we have been in the church before but for some reason he wanted to leave. He was real adamant about it. We went outside and I began to question him. He said “there is a monster inside the church and he wants to get my body” I assured him that there is no monster in the church.

We were on our way to Target to find Francesco and at last, he was found! I must say that his process of choosing a toy is very calculated. There were 3 different Francesco’s to choose from. He was all by his self, paired with another Cars character and he was with Lighting McQueen and two others. He looked held all three packages and he picked the one that had all four. I tried to give him the bag. He took the cars out and gave me the bag back. On the ride to my brothers, he fell asleep.

After lunch, he was all play. He has a new thing also. I was sitting on the floor and he would run and dive on me. That went on for about 10 mins.  I was also told that he was seen in Red Lobster during the week.  I asked him about that.  This was the conversation.

“Hey buddy, heard you were at Red Lobster last week”

“Yes daddy, the lobsters were trying to pinch my hands”

“Ok and what were you doing at the restaurant?”

“Running around (with a big smile)”

“And who were you with?”

“Mommy and nala” ( DM aka the beast)

“And what did mommy tell you?” 

“Stop running around”

“And what did you do?”

“Kept running around”

I don’t have those problems when we go out.

It was time to go. I told him that we will be leaving in about 10 mins. Gathering up our things, I said ready to go? He said, give me 5 mins

We usually end our day with a couple of Hersey’s candy bars. I have the almonds, he has the plain. We talk about the day. Again he asked me if he can come home with me. While he is eating the candy, it melts on his fingers. So I went in to cookie monster voice. “Look at the chocolate fingers, I have to have them!! But he was not having that and sucked it off his fingers .



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Cheese-ie fingers

Posted on 19th March 2012 in Fun with my son

I was feeling kind of down last week. My situation hit the bottom and I could not get Ajani last week. I was bummed out. So I made sure that some of my ducks were lined up and made some delay some things. So when I saw him this week, we were both excited. He couldn’t wait to get in the door. He tripped up the steps and gave my legs a monster hug. I then explained to him about last week and apologized to him. He said that’s ok. The he said “angry birds, video and my game” I then reminded him of how we ask for things. He then asked for all three properly. I put a new Thomas movie on my phone. He got real excited when he found that.

Arriving at the Gallery, he wanted to run so we ran all through the Market East Train station. We rode up the convention center and there was an event. As we entered, we were advised that the event was closed to the public. We went through the ‘I want to go that way” for about 5 mins, then he was on the floor. I said “we can spend the rest of the day here, no favorite store, no Uncle Marks, no bike and no brownie” He looked at me held out his arms and said pick me up. You have two fresh young legs that you can walk on, want me to sell your legs? He said yes. I then made the announcement “Two fresh legs for sale only been used for 3 years” There was a group of dancers and they came over. “I could use those legs”

We went to 7-11 to get a quick bite; the daddy express was low on fuel. He saw a bag of cheese puffs and was in heaven. Walking down the street, he ate and talked to people on the street. He had cheese power all over his face and fingers. In my best cookie monster voice I said “cheeseise fingers, me love cheeseise fingers” and then proceeded to nibble on the fingers. We played outside at my brothers and his bike riding is getting better. He pedaled his bike for about 50ft and played himself to sleep.

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Angry Birds

Posted on 7th March 2012 in Fun with my son

During my miserable week, I try to cheer myself up by thinking about the fun I had with Ajani. On Sunday once again I was greeted with a big hug and a smile. I picked him up and was holding him so that it appeared that he was flying. I spun him around (till I got dizzy!) and “flew” him to the bus. On the train ride we talked. So what have you and mommy been doing? He said mommy spanked me. Why I asked. “Because I didn’t listen” I then informed him that you have to listen to what mommy and daddy tells him, and what could happen if you don’t.  He said ok I’ll start listening.

Arriving down town he asked can we go to his store.  Sure as soon as it opens. I let him lead me around and we wound up walking in circles. He wanted to go that way. Then after a few blocks, let’s go this way. Weaving up and down the streets he had fun meeting people. Everyone that talked to him he would pipe up and say “this is my daddy”.

A homeless man asked for some spare change, and I gave him some. Ajani asked why I did that. I told him that even though I’m doing bad there are some people who are doing worse. It’s ok to help people sometimes. To share is a wonderful thing. You don’t have to be nice to everyone. He then said “ I want to help people too.  There was about 20 mins before the store opened up, so we walked around the Gallery.

Today’s mission was to find Francesco Bernoulli (cars 2) and as soon as his store opened he started jumping around. As we started to go in I stopped. “Come daddy” he said.  No I don’t want to go I said. “Come on Daddy” grabbing on to my finger and pulling me. I started to “act like a little kid that did not want to go. Eventually we started our trip through the store.  Once again he was leading me around but no Francesco, at Kmart no Francesco. We’ll find Francesco I told him.

On the train ride to his uncles, he asked for my phone to look at videos. While I was fumbling with it I accidently hit the Angry Birds game. That was all she wrote. He was hooked. I tried to show him how to play but he said NO real loud. Do you want to figure it out yourself? YES! By the time we got to 69th St he figured out that you have to free the birds. I did not get my phone till I got to my brother’s house.

He hadn’t taken a nap yet, so he was sleepy and while we were waiting for the trolley, the last words he said before falling asleep was I want to free the white bird”
And on the court issue, team Thomas is 3-0 this quarter.

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Oh yea!

Posted on 28th February 2012 in Fun with my son

As I have stated before that Sunday is the best day of the week for me. It’s the only day where I feel whole. When I see Ajani, I smile and my mood changes for the better. After the exchange, we headed to the El. The conversation was about what he has been doing the past week. Lately he has been repeating his past activities. On the train he played with his game. I had to stop at the supermarket, so we played in there for a while. He was sitting in the cart and I was pushing him weaving up and down the aisles. He fell asleep on the ride to his uncles.

When we arrived is was still groggy from his nap, but eventually he came around to his happy self. Whenever I come back in from getting his lunch, I am always greeted with a daddy! Daddy! That makes me feel so warm inside. After lunch it was out side time




Posted on 23rd January 2012 in Fun with my son
the waiting man

I wish they would hurry up and open

With the snow on the ground, all he wanted to do was walk and crush big pieces of snow. We arrived to get some breakfast at Tony Boys. As usual the waitresses were gawking over him. He sat and watched Day of the Diesels on my phone while the sandwich was cooking. After getting off the train in town, I let him lead the way and he headed straight for Burlington Coat Factory, but they were closed.  We walked around the Gallery for a little bit, but I could sense that something was amiss.  I asked him what’s wrong; he said “the store is not open”. He was referring to Burlington Coat Factory. I don’t know what it is about this store but he loves it. I said “well buddy the store does not open for another 45 mins. HE just stopped walking, shoulders got slack and he dropped to the ground. The same thing he does when I tell him that it’s time to go. We rode the elevators, which did not cheer him up.  Finally the doors opened and then he started to smile again! Around the store we went. There was a bathrobe with skull and crossbones on it. Hey buddy this would look good on you! He said that’s for you! (That’s my boy!)

On the train ride, he went to sleep (more late night activity). When we arrived at my brothers, I got him out of his snow suit laid him down and went to go get his lunch. When I got back, he was up and plating with his game. My brother said he got up said hi to everyone went in my bag and pulled out his game. He was playing get the letters with Mater. He was having a little trouble moving him around the board. I said “need some help?  No he said. Do you want to figure it out on your own?  Yes he said. Do you like figuring out to do thing on your own I asked him. He said YES! Independence is what it about. HE shook his head up and down. After lunch we watched football, played horse. And then it was time to go. Once again body goes limp, drop to the floor.



Be Careful

Posted on 2nd January 2012 in Fun with my son

It was two weeks since we had our last visit. I was eager to spend time with my son. Since it was New Years Day not much was open. Stopping at one of our breakfast places, we had pancakes and bacon. He stated that he had Apple Jacks, but that did not stick because he ate a good portion of the pancakes.  I wanted to take him the parade for a little bit. On the train ride he asked for the Thomas game. He picked the puzzle, hard level and got the first 2 all by his self.  He did a few more then switched to the matching game. We arrived downtown and the parade was just getting on the way. After a few mins of that he said that he wanted to go to Uncle Marks. We discussed his Christmas and his activities over the past two weeks. Not very talkative on those subjects. He did let me know that he went see the fireworks the night before.

Arriving at his uncle’s house, he was greeted by everyone. He played for little bit then asked to go outside.  I was waiting for him to do that. I had brought him A Lighting McQueen Bike and helmet. He was sitting on the steps yelling “where’s daddy” I had him close his eyes. When he opened them, He yelled “my bike, my bike and immediately attempted to get on.

I helped him and he tried to pedal away. That’s something we will be working on. After about 10 mins of that, he was ready for a nap. I was sitting on the sofa and he came crawled on my lap, laid his head on my chest and we both went to sleep.

On the ride back we played on the train and on out walk to the pickup. He kept asking me about going home with him and him coming home with me. They were there (not his mother) and I helped put him in the car seat. As I was walking away, I was asked to come back; Ajani has something to tell me. I walked back to the car and he said “be careful”. I smiled kissed him on his forehead and said thanks buddy, I will.


Slow Motion Football

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We rushed off after the pick up because we wanted to catch a family member before they left. We had our normal conversation about what happened the past week. Let’s say that a certain female child seems to be the topic off not nice behavior. I picked him up and he was looking at me. He said “what’s that? And he put his finger on a cut that was my cheek. “Oh that’s a cut that daddy got not paying attention” not paying (he tried but could not pronounce attention)? I then explained that you need to pay attention to what you are doing so that you don’t hurt yourself. He said OH! Can I kiss it and make it better? Of course you can! We got Tow Mater and headed off to my brothers. On the train we were taking each others noses.

His cousin who has been away at collage came downstairs and he remembered her, mostly by her birthmark, and they laughed and played. We watched some football and then we went outside to do the same. He would carry the football and say “you can’t get me” I would chase him tackle him and he would do the dame with me. At one point I was doing my 6 Million Dollar Man running. Now ANY ONE who grew up watching that show KNOWS what I’m talking about. After doing that a few times, he started imitating me. Sound effects too! That was the highlight of the day.

Play Hard

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The programer at work

I had picked up Percy during the week to surprise him. When I gave it to him, he said “I wanted big Percy” That was one of the choices last week. He gave it back. I want the game! I then reminded him of how we ask for things. Can I have my game please? I gave him his PDA and that’s all she wrote! He was trying to walk and play at the same time. He would take a few steps stop, move something on the screen and repeated that a few times. I picked him up and we walked to the bus stop. I tried to engage him in conversation, but he was totally into the game.

When breakfast came, he wanted some. I was trying to cut the sausage and he said “let me cut” I let him try.  A few potatoes went on the table. Plus the fact that it was plastic did not help. But we managed to cut it up and eat.

Let's see, I'll move a million to this account, and the other I'll have fun with

 On the way to his uncle’s house there were puddles, lots of them! The temptation was too much. He would drift towards one, look at me, smile, and say dirty water? Finally I saw one and we jumped in it. I got Ajani out of his wet clothes and we played. Running around the house, flipping over my legs just being a kid, both of us. The most memorable event was he walked up the steps and sat down. He then slid down the steps, carpeted. Bobbing is head as he came down the steps.  Then he asked his game played with that for a hour, then back to ruff housing. At one point he was on the floor, I could see he was tired. I said ready for your nap buddy? He looked at me and fell out, down for the count.

We arrived a little early at the drop off and he was asleep for the ride home. At about 5:50 I was looking at him, and he was staring to cry. I looked out the door and they were pulling up. I was trying to find out what was wrong. In between the cries I could make out I don’t want you to go.  They were there to witness this, not all of them. Roslyn still has not shown her face. I kissed him on his forehead and told him “It’s ok I’ll see you next week” He was still crying as I left. I stood out the doors and looked in. He was looking at me; they were trying to provide some false comfort. I walked in and said “this will be over soon” Very soon.



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Start the video and read


Sunday’s visit was great as usual, but when we went through the breakfast thing, Ajani asked me “can I come and eat with him at home? Once again I was stunned. Once again I could not tell my son the truth. I want to tell him that the reason that I can’t come and eat, play, and do everything that a father should be doing, is because of the selfishness of his mother. I want to tell him that because of the complete lack of respect for him that his grandmother and the other “thing” are keeping me out of his life. The most important thing is that the love that they profess is false and driven by manipulation. Ajani can sense that something is not right. When he asks me one of those questions, he looks at me, waiting for me to say yes I’ll come over. There is a serious let down when the answer is no. I try to change the subject, but the damage is done. In his mind, there are already issues growing. I don’t need to go into all the mental issues that this is doing to him, but let’s look at it from his point of view. I have a daddy. I see my daddy one time a week (we’re working on telling time by the days that we see each other). My daddy does not eat or play with me at home. There is also the need to let everyone know that I am his father.

Now I would thing that’s a bit much for a child of 3 to have to handle. I mean with Thomas the Train, Lighting McQueen, dealing with daycare, and using the 4-3, 3-4 and 2-5 defense in sync, can be a lot.

Anyone who works in the fields of psychology, social work, children’s development can attest to the difficulties that children have with out fathers in their lives. Would it make sense that a person would commit parental alienation working in said field? How about 2? I would think that if you devote your life to helping society move a small step forward, why would you make your child another statistic? One thing though, being in that field gave you the advantage in court matters. The tide is turning on that!

Now thinking back, I recall a speech about 6 years ago that we attended. The speaker was Dr. Raymond A. Winbush and another person. The reason that Dr. WInbush stood out was he had a lot to say and he had a book, The Warrior Method. I purchased that book, out of support. It sat on my desk for about 2yrs. I moved it around from place to place.  Then I was given the news that I was going to be a father. The book was right where I left it. I read it, about 4 times. Very good book, great, book. But no where do I recall that the best way to raise a child is to alienate a parent. Or that the best way to raise a healthy black male child is to remove the father and let 2 and a half dyke bitches raise him. After I read it; I thought “hey, this is wonderful; a lot of the road blocks were out of the way”.  Was I the fuck wrong!

The only reasons that I should be out of Ajani’s life are a follows:

I abandon him

I am incarcerated

I am mentally unfit

I commit a major crime

I have not done any of the above, but yet you try to disrupt the second happiest thing in my life. By spreading all the lies and using a broken court system to achieve what ever goal the 3 of you are trying to reach. You 3 are the biggest joke ever. You claim to be all for social change, yet you drag an unwilling participant in this deception. Phony, fake and living a lie.



Was that a jump into this?



On Sept 23 2006 I spoke the words of commitment to every one that was there. When asked “do you Freddie Thomas take Roslyn Hopson as my wife” I yelled at the top of my lungs “DAMMN SKIPPY”, I meant it. This was a journey that I waited a long time to make. But it seems that the other person got distracted. You have said there were problems. What fuckin problems??? The only problems I saw were the constant disruptions of our life by the creatures, the same creatures who you conversed with about what ever imaginary problems. Is this a repeat of your first go around? I know that one of them was instrumental in the first break up.

So it’s been two years. How come no divorce papers yet??? I mean you know that from your first go around. Please hurry with them!!!!One question I am asked a lot, do I still love her? I generally reply, “Love can come and go, it’s the respect that I have for the person who gave birth to my child that is slowly eroding away. And once that is gone, there is nothing left

Surrogate: a woman who bears a child for a couple, with the intention of handing it over at birth. She is usually either artificially inseminated with the man’s sperm or implanted with a fertilized egg from the woman.

Mother: a woman who has a child, or a female animal that has produced young. To give birth to and bring up a baby.

I put these definitions up because right now I’m not sure which one applies to Roslyn Hopson. Maybe you can

I tell Ajani this every time I am with him. “I want to be there to wake you up in the morning, make you breakfast, give you your raspberries, play with you tuck you in and read you your bed time stories. I want to do that, but there are people that don’t want that. You will figure out who they are later in life, but don’t you think that you did anything wrong. If any one tells you anything different are lying to you.

I tell him that to ensure that he does not start to get a complex and think that he is the problem. But the most important thing is. I did not walk away from him that I am fighting for him and that I love him.

Scroll up for the lyrics. If you finish reading before the 4:35 move the slider to that mark

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