Am I an Asshole?

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One day all the parts of the body had a meeting. The subject was who was going to be in-charge. The brain spoke first. “Without me, this body would not know what to do”.
Next were the lungs. “I think I should be in charge, without me this body would surely die.”
Then the heart, “I pump the blood through this body, I must be in charge”
This discussion turned into a heated argument with all the body parts claiming that their function was the most important, and that they should be in charge.
A tiny voice could be heard through the commotion. “I would like to be in charge”
“WHO ARE YOU” everyone asked.
“I’m the asshole”
There was a roar of laughter.
“You want to be in charge? The asshole wants to be in charge? You got to be kidding.
Why do you want to be in charge? All you do is let the waste that we create out of the body.
“No particular reason just thought I’d give it a shot.”
“We will never let an asshole be in charge” the body shouted.
“No problem” said the asshole
The body went back to its argument, the asshole closed up.
Now because the asshole was not doing its job, the body started to get sick.
The brain could not think. The heart started slowing pumping blood and the lungs could hardly take a breath.
The body pleaded for the asshole to do its job.
The asshole asked one question.
“Can I be in charge?”
Without hesitation the body said yes!!

So the asshole did its job, the body began to get better. Next time you call someone an asshole remember who’s in charge

With that being said, the past couple of week have been great with Ajani. There was a post about father’s day, but there was a server upgrade and that post was lost. Although there are a few issues that I’m going to bring up.  There is an ongoing pattern that I have take notice to, Ajani’s sleeping. He seems to take a nap usually around 10 am and sleeps for about 2 hrs. Now I don’t think that’s a normal for an active 3 yr old. Now when he wakes up, he is full of energy then he crashes. I have a problem with that. Second my son tells me that when he comes home from school, all he does is watch TV. No outside and no one to play with him. Now as a concerned parent I went to DHS to voice my feelings on a few other items, that was about  3 weeks ago, still nothing from them, not even a your full of shit. I guess the only way to get some type of response out of that origination is for me to grow some tits.

Court on the 26th

The other major item was the court date to have the PFA extended. This was the 3rd scheduling of this. I was prepared. We walked in to the court room, once again no attorney. The judge reviewed the case history. She then read the stature for having a PFA extended “The judge can extend a final PFA if s/he believes that the abuser committed one or more acts of abuse while you had the final order or behaved in other ways that indicates a continued risk of harm to the you or your child. If necessary, the order can be extended more than once. There is no limit on the number of extensions that may be granted” * 23 Pa.C.S.A. § 6108(e)”

Since I knew that I had not done anything in the past 3 years this was an open and shut case. I proceeded to get my papers in order. Then opening statements, she opened up with the same rhetoric “Freddie B Thomas has found ways to get around the PFA, he uses the fact that we have a son to contact me, and that I fear from my life and my sons life if the PFA is not extended”. Just Like they practiced. Then my turn, “with the testimony and evidence that I will present, you will deny and request that Roslyn Hopson has presented to extend the PFA.”

Now on with the show!

She then started to talk about a text that I had sent to her phone on Feb 19th. Here is the text “ajani ate 2 chicken strips acouple handfuls of low salt potato chips 10oz of choclet milk”


The judge then asked her to produce the text. I had my copies printed out. The judge mentioned that there was a full docket and that “you” Ms Hopson have a witness to testify also, still scrolling through the phones. Now you figured that a person with such a “high degree” of intelligence would be prepared and better yet know how to work a cell phone. Hell, when Ajani wants Angry Birds, all I do is put in my code and hand him my phone and within a few mins I’m hearing the sounds of birds flying in the air. It took all of about 30 mins searching through two phones for that text. One of the court officers was checking her Facebook page, me and the other exchanging stares and chuckles and the judge was knocking off cases. Finally she found it. All I did was confirm that it was the text.  The judge asked her to read the text.  She read that one plus 6 more; all the judge wanted was just the one for the 19th.  Her mother was the witness; the judge was already fed up and asked her just one question. “Have you witness and type of abuse from Mr Thomas against ms hopson in the past three years. The only thing she could say was no which is what she said. Then the judge added, “Probably because she does not show up”

Now my turn.

I proceeded to address each complaint; I said that there is a court order in place that specifies that we are to exchange information about Ajani via electronic means and produced said order. She acknowledged that. I then began to explain how I came about her phone number. I stated that I have a website up about my “trials “over the past three years and that I received noticed that her name came up in a keyword search on the site.  I followed the links and it leads me to her phone number. The court officer then handed the papers to the judge, she then handed them to Roslyn. I had to explain how keywords work to the judge.

Now we’ve all seen those priceless commercials from master card. This was one of them. As she flipped thought the papers, her jaw fell out of her mouth, rolled up said hi to the judge and made a trip around the whole family court. She was ABSOLUTLY SPEACHLESS (and that’s how I like to leave them) The PFA will expire on the 7th of July.

The Judge then thanked me for being prepared and we left. (thanks mom and dad for the Boy Scouts!)



Somewhere between an excuse and a lie
You found something that you believe
So proud, I guess I can’t imagine why
Three cheers, for what we used to be

Pathetic, Wasted, Souless, Compromised
Sleep-walking the mine field
Shit talking, it crumbles around you
It comes back around

Somewhere between delusion and denial
You’ll drown in your own sympathy
Profound, at least you thought so at the time
A ghost of who you used to be

Pathetic, Wasted, Souless, Compromised
Sleep-walking the mine field
Shit talking, it crumbles around you
It comes back around


Sunday July 1

As for the incident at the police station, to both of you “THINGS”, you really think by recording every pick up help your cause??? Boy you are really fuckin stupid! Don’t you realize that by not letting Roslyn make the pick/drop off she is creating a hostile environment? That she is the one to take the fall?? Or that’s part of your selfish plans?? Make her take the fall then you two walk away with Ajani?? Hate to tell ya NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!

Now about the comments that were said first on the job thing. Right now my job is to be a father to my son and to protect him, and also to thwart any of your plans.

On me being Ajani’s Father, which was the dumbest thing, you could say now that changes the playing field. If it comes out that I am not the father, it’s Christmas all over the world.


So am I an ASSHOLE for fighting for what I believe in?

Am I an ASSHOLE for wanting my family?

Am I an ASSHOLE for not doing what everyman has done in their lives, that is walk away?

And to answer the question that the police officer from the 19th district “IS that an ASSHOLE”


Yes the fuck I am! confused?

read again!

We’re not in Kansas

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We're at 34 S 11th St


There were a couple of hearings that really show the bias in the family court system. At the contempt hearing, I was told that the evidence that i had should be show to someone who cares. That it is OK for her not to give me information about Ajain according to the court order. The overall impression was the courts were more interested in me showing up 15 mins late than the condition that my son is given to me.

So taking the courts advice, I continued to document and take pictures. On too round two!

This was the hearing about who can do the pick up and drop off and my petition for joint custody and a few other items. Surely this would be the court that would care about my evidence!

Right off the bat I was  asked why do I object to diane mitchel picking up my son.

I said ” I do not need to see the people who are the architects of this conspiracy to commit parental alienation, I don’t like her, I don’t want her around my son, Roslyn needs to start being a mother and bring our son to me”

“you don’t like her, I don’t care who you like, the wicked witch of the west can come and pick up your son and your are not to say anything” you don’t like her

I was thinking there is a fire station right next store and other things.

thanks PFD!

 Then we moved on to other things,actually I was DONE! because with that statement it said that the courts do not care who drops my son off. That the courts are in NO WAY interested in preserving the idea of a family. That the best interest of children are NOT the first thing on it’s minds. That a court order can be interpreted in anyway except the way it was written.

I then wanted to introduce my evidence. I would’ve had better luck serving a cheese steak to a vegan.

The total lack of interest in anything I had to say or present really is a major let down in my belief in a fair justice system. But then I remember that this is not justice or a system, it is a process. Just like making ground beef. They haven’t made major changes to that process, except they kill them with some dignity.

Headin' to Philly!

 I presented the pictures that I took of my son. The reason is simple,CYA. If you remember around April of last year, I did not see Ajain for 9 weeks. The reason for that was they said I injured him on a visit. That hearing was in July. The picture they presented was printed on plain paper, and you could see the pixels, (don’t know much ’bout photo editing) and, needless to say was dismissed. So I had to CMA .
“Well a picture is worth a thousand words”
Taken while eating breakfast, after 9 weeks of no contact date 07/11/2010
This was taken after cleaning up playing with chalk, I was changing him and saw this. 07/11/2010
Brought a new outfit, went to put it on. 09/19/2010
This is how Ajani was dropped off. On pick up He was asked “Did you show daddy
your football lip?” 12/05/2010
Nothing said 01/23/2011
Dropped off ,nothing said. Got a letter a week later
Plus I had a spread sheet of the number of violations and the fact that I recivied no information on Ajani’s medical, NOTHING.

Wow! and we thought we've seen and heard everything!

At least the vegan would have asked for some lettuce, or some other veggie stuff.
Now there was another issue that I wanted to bring up, but after that why bother.
The issue was this, since I have not received any information on my son, i.e allergies of any kind, what foods not to give him, skin NOTHNG! You would think Roslyn would provide a bag?  I have Ajani for 8 hrs.
This is a letter given to the day room supervisor during the supervisied visits.
I only had him for 1 hr 40 mins (they were never on time). Reason would dictate that with a letter like that, someone would provide something for 8 hrs?
What’s that? some salt and napkins?????
Now I was denied my son for 9 weeks, not by a decision made by the courts, but by them. NO CALL NO MESSAGE. But yet I have all the evidence of non compliance,of willful contempt, of  blatant attempts to alienate me from my son ?
And it’s dismissed. No wonder why men just give up.

Instead of a new building, how about some reform?