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The programer at work

I had picked up Percy during the week to surprise him. When I gave it to him, he said “I wanted big Percy” That was one of the choices last week. He gave it back. I want the game! I then reminded him of how we ask for things. Can I have my game please? I gave him his PDA and that’s all she wrote! He was trying to walk and play at the same time. He would take a few steps stop, move something on the screen and repeated that a few times. I picked him up and we walked to the bus stop. I tried to engage him in conversation, but he was totally into the game.

When breakfast came, he wanted some. I was trying to cut the sausage and he said “let me cut” I let him try.  A few potatoes went on the table. Plus the fact that it was plastic did not help. But we managed to cut it up and eat.

Let's see, I'll move a million to this account, and the other I'll have fun with

 On the way to his uncle’s house there were puddles, lots of them! The temptation was too much. He would drift towards one, look at me, smile, and say dirty water? Finally I saw one and we jumped in it. I got Ajani out of his wet clothes and we played. Running around the house, flipping over my legs just being a kid, both of us. The most memorable event was he walked up the steps and sat down. He then slid down the steps, carpeted. Bobbing is head as he came down the steps.  Then he asked his game played with that for a hour, then back to ruff housing. At one point he was on the floor, I could see he was tired. I said ready for your nap buddy? He looked at me and fell out, down for the count.

We arrived a little early at the drop off and he was asleep for the ride home. At about 5:50 I was looking at him, and he was staring to cry. I looked out the door and they were pulling up. I was trying to find out what was wrong. In between the cries I could make out I don’t want you to go.  They were there to witness this, not all of them. Roslyn still has not shown her face. I kissed him on his forehead and told him “It’s ok I’ll see you next week” He was still crying as I left. I stood out the doors and looked in. He was looking at me; they were trying to provide some false comfort. I walked in and said “this will be over soon” Very soon.



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Sunday’s visit was great as usual, but when we went through the breakfast thing, Ajani asked me “can I come and eat with him at home? Once again I was stunned. Once again I could not tell my son the truth. I want to tell him that the reason that I can’t come and eat, play, and do everything that a father should be doing, is because of the selfishness of his mother. I want to tell him that because of the complete lack of respect for him that his grandmother and the other “thing” are keeping me out of his life. The most important thing is that the love that they profess is false and driven by manipulation. Ajani can sense that something is not right. When he asks me one of those questions, he looks at me, waiting for me to say yes I’ll come over. There is a serious let down when the answer is no. I try to change the subject, but the damage is done. In his mind, there are already issues growing. I don’t need to go into all the mental issues that this is doing to him, but let’s look at it from his point of view. I have a daddy. I see my daddy one time a week (we’re working on telling time by the days that we see each other). My daddy does not eat or play with me at home. There is also the need to let everyone know that I am his father.

Now I would thing that’s a bit much for a child of 3 to have to handle. I mean with Thomas the Train, Lighting McQueen, dealing with daycare, and using the 4-3, 3-4 and 2-5 defense in sync, can be a lot.

Anyone who works in the fields of psychology, social work, children’s development can attest to the difficulties that children have with out fathers in their lives. Would it make sense that a person would commit parental alienation working in said field? How about 2? I would think that if you devote your life to helping society move a small step forward, why would you make your child another statistic? One thing though, being in that field gave you the advantage in court matters. The tide is turning on that!

Now thinking back, I recall a speech about 6 years ago that we attended. The speaker was Dr. Raymond A. Winbush and another person. The reason that Dr. WInbush stood out was he had a lot to say and he had a book, The Warrior Method. I purchased that book, out of support. It sat on my desk for about 2yrs. I moved it around from place to place.  Then I was given the news that I was going to be a father. The book was right where I left it. I read it, about 4 times. Very good book, great, book. But no where do I recall that the best way to raise a child is to alienate a parent. Or that the best way to raise a healthy black male child is to remove the father and let 2 and a half dyke bitches raise him. After I read it; I thought “hey, this is wonderful; a lot of the road blocks were out of the way”.  Was I the fuck wrong!

The only reasons that I should be out of Ajani’s life are a follows:

I abandon him

I am incarcerated

I am mentally unfit

I commit a major crime

I have not done any of the above, but yet you try to disrupt the second happiest thing in my life. By spreading all the lies and using a broken court system to achieve what ever goal the 3 of you are trying to reach. You 3 are the biggest joke ever. You claim to be all for social change, yet you drag an unwilling participant in this deception. Phony, fake and living a lie.



Was that a jump into this?



On Sept 23 2006 I spoke the words of commitment to every one that was there. When asked “do you Freddie Thomas take Roslyn Hopson as my wife” I yelled at the top of my lungs “DAMMN SKIPPY”, I meant it. This was a journey that I waited a long time to make. But it seems that the other person got distracted. You have said there were problems. What fuckin problems??? The only problems I saw were the constant disruptions of our life by the creatures, the same creatures who you conversed with about what ever imaginary problems. Is this a repeat of your first go around? I know that one of them was instrumental in the first break up.

So it’s been two years. How come no divorce papers yet??? I mean you know that from your first go around. Please hurry with them!!!!One question I am asked a lot, do I still love her? I generally reply, “Love can come and go, it’s the respect that I have for the person who gave birth to my child that is slowly eroding away. And once that is gone, there is nothing left

Surrogate: a woman who bears a child for a couple, with the intention of handing it over at birth. She is usually either artificially inseminated with the man’s sperm or implanted with a fertilized egg from the woman.

Mother: a woman who has a child, or a female animal that has produced young. To give birth to and bring up a baby.

I put these definitions up because right now I’m not sure which one applies to Roslyn Hopson. Maybe you can

I tell Ajani this every time I am with him. “I want to be there to wake you up in the morning, make you breakfast, give you your raspberries, play with you tuck you in and read you your bed time stories. I want to do that, but there are people that don’t want that. You will figure out who they are later in life, but don’t you think that you did anything wrong. If any one tells you anything different are lying to you.

I tell him that to ensure that he does not start to get a complex and think that he is the problem. But the most important thing is. I did not walk away from him that I am fighting for him and that I love him.

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