on the morning of jan 26 2009 I woke up, saw her off to work and was in the process of feeding our son. cr then proceed to leave with out saying a word to me @ approx 7:00. I had to be at work by 8:30. by 7:45 dm had not arrived.this was some schedule that was worked out with none of my input. I called my job and explained the situation. since this same “situation” has happened 3 of the 5 last weeks, I was laid off.


 dm arrived arrived some where around 9. I took the dog out for a walk. when I came back I was greeted with “what are you still doing here?” I then stated “since no one was here to watch Ajani I had to call out” she was on the phone and all I heard was “do you believe this shit ”


I did not want her in the house, I called the police to escort her out. as she was leaving she stated “we’ll see who will be leaving”


 the police told her not to return until the married couple talk.

 I received a call from her


” my mother is coming in to use the bathroom”


she was not alone dm was with her

 they went into the nursery, I had our son with me.

 being of sound mind, I called a friend and explained the situation,put our son in his crib,and left.


that was the last time I saw him till jun 16 2009


when I arrived back home, about 8:30 I put my key in the lock

 nothing happened, the lock did turn,what the fuck?????

 I went to the 19th police district and explained the situation to them,they escorted me back to the house where we live(d).


After the officers spoke to both of her then me, I entered the house. she then left. she returned about 2 hrs later with 2 police officers and I was handed a PFA (Protection From Abuse)

I started flipping through the packet and found the meat

I let out a hardy laugh and went to bed.


The next day, I took the dog out for a walk, came back and started work on some job leads. Around this time a lot of companies were laying off, but managed to find a job, they wanted me to start that Friday.

 When I arrived back home, I spent a little time with my son and went to the computer to check e-mails.

 she came in and called for me. As I came down stairs, I saw her and 2 police officers. They handed me some papers and told me that I had to leave. she had me evicted.


On Jan 30 we went to court for the PFA (Protection From Abuse)

I was asked if I wanted to go to trial or we work on some kind of agreement. I said lets take it to trial. When it was all said and done the judge, vacated the order.


Then there was the issue of my items, computer equipment and clothing.

 I tried to call to make arraignments to get my items and to see my son, but they went unanswered.

 On Monday feb 2 2009, I received a call from a friend stating that there were some bags in front of his house.

 it was SOME of my things,none of my computer equipment.

 I went to the house and called again no answer. I entered the house went up stairs and



 And it was told to everyone that there was a altercation that evening, Well there were 6 police cars and about 9 officers.


I did not get arrested.


Sunday morning I got up walked the dog and went to the store.

cooked a breakfast of

cheese eggs

cheese grits


toast,butter, jelly

mango berry juice


we then feed Ajani and she went back to bed. she asked me to wake her up around 3 because she had to go to a sorority meeting.


I piddled around for a few hours playing with our son, and on the computer.


the door bell rang and we had a visitor (you who you are)


visitor stayed for about an hour


she went back to bed, I was late waking her up (playing Supreme Commander)


off she went to her meeting


she got home around 8:30


cr showed up and I was asked what time I had to be to work.


I said between 8-8:30


lights out

 ( this is what REALLY happened on the day of the ” assult”)







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