Angry Birds

Posted on 7th March 2012 in Fun with my son

During my miserable week, I try to cheer myself up by thinking about the fun I had with Ajani. On Sunday once again I was greeted with a big hug and a smile. I picked him up and was holding him so that it appeared that he was flying. I spun him around (till I got dizzy!) and “flew” him to the bus. On the train ride we talked. So what have you and mommy been doing? He said mommy spanked me. Why I asked. “Because I didn’t listen” I then informed him that you have to listen to what mommy and daddy tells him, and what could happen if you don’t.  He said ok I’ll start listening.

Arriving down town he asked can we go to his store.  Sure as soon as it opens. I let him lead me around and we wound up walking in circles. He wanted to go that way. Then after a few blocks, let’s go this way. Weaving up and down the streets he had fun meeting people. Everyone that talked to him he would pipe up and say “this is my daddy”.

A homeless man asked for some spare change, and I gave him some. Ajani asked why I did that. I told him that even though I’m doing bad there are some people who are doing worse. It’s ok to help people sometimes. To share is a wonderful thing. You don’t have to be nice to everyone. He then said “ I want to help people too.  There was about 20 mins before the store opened up, so we walked around the Gallery.

Today’s mission was to find Francesco Bernoulli (cars 2) and as soon as his store opened he started jumping around. As we started to go in I stopped. “Come daddy” he said.  No I don’t want to go I said. “Come on Daddy” grabbing on to my finger and pulling me. I started to “act like a little kid that did not want to go. Eventually we started our trip through the store.  Once again he was leading me around but no Francesco, at Kmart no Francesco. We’ll find Francesco I told him.

On the train ride to his uncles, he asked for my phone to look at videos. While I was fumbling with it I accidently hit the Angry Birds game. That was all she wrote. He was hooked. I tried to show him how to play but he said NO real loud. Do you want to figure it out yourself? YES! By the time we got to 69th St he figured out that you have to free the birds. I did not get my phone till I got to my brother’s house.

He hadn’t taken a nap yet, so he was sleepy and while we were waiting for the trolley, the last words he said before falling asleep was I want to free the white bird”
And on the court issue, team Thomas is 3-0 this quarter.

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