Be Careful

Posted on 2nd January 2012 in Fun with my son

It was two weeks since we had our last visit. I was eager to spend time with my son. Since it was New Years Day not much was open. Stopping at one of our breakfast places, we had pancakes and bacon. He stated that he had Apple Jacks, but that did not stick because he ate a good portion of the pancakes.  I wanted to take him the parade for a little bit. On the train ride he asked for the Thomas game. He picked the puzzle, hard level and got the first 2 all by his self.  He did a few more then switched to the matching game. We arrived downtown and the parade was just getting on the way. After a few mins of that he said that he wanted to go to Uncle Marks. We discussed his Christmas and his activities over the past two weeks. Not very talkative on those subjects. He did let me know that he went see the fireworks the night before.

Arriving at his uncle’s house, he was greeted by everyone. He played for little bit then asked to go outside.  I was waiting for him to do that. I had brought him A Lighting McQueen Bike and helmet. He was sitting on the steps yelling “where’s daddy” I had him close his eyes. When he opened them, He yelled “my bike, my bike and immediately attempted to get on.

I helped him and he tried to pedal away. That’s something we will be working on. After about 10 mins of that, he was ready for a nap. I was sitting on the sofa and he came crawled on my lap, laid his head on my chest and we both went to sleep.

On the ride back we played on the train and on out walk to the pickup. He kept asking me about going home with him and him coming home with me. They were there (not his mother) and I helped put him in the car seat. As I was walking away, I was asked to come back; Ajani has something to tell me. I walked back to the car and he said “be careful”. I smiled kissed him on his forehead and said thanks buddy, I will.


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