Caterpillar Power

Posted on 5th December 2011 in Fun with my son

He was already there when I arrived, so I just scooped him up and we headed off. I gave him his game and mentioned that one of his cousins’ had a birthday during the week. He then said “on your birthday you’re going to be older”. Now that struck me as odd because my birthday is this week. We headed to the Gallery to do some shopping, but I wanted to grab some breakfast.  As usual he said that I could not have any. We got off the El at 11th street because I knew exactly what I wanted: cheese eggs, on rye toast, home fries /w onions some sausage all smothered with creamed chipped beef. Now that’s good eatin’ But Ajani wasn’t having none of that. He was pulling me in the opposite direction. I mean really pulling! Saying “I want to go this way” But breakfast is this way I said. NO I want to go this way he yelled. So with an empty stomach we walked where he wanted to go.

He saw my headphones and asked for some music. After adjusting the volume he starting jumping up and down, we headed into the Gallery. Stopping at Subway’s (with his approval) got some breakfast.  We walked around the Gallery and rode the elevators. He noticed that his store was open, so that’s where we went. Winding up at the toy section, he carefully looked over all the toys, bobbing his head. He spent about 20 mins then he saw it


As he picked it up he said “it grabs things” My boy is learning! We paid for his truck and he said no more music. We played with the truck. Now on the escalators he would put it on the steps just before he would get off. Then I would have to run and grab it. This happened about 3 times. I told him if it happens again, the truck goes in the bag. Let’s say that the truck never left his hands. At the card store he picked out the card and the bad, he said get (name) a cake bag.  Having the taste for something sweet we headed to Cinnabon.  On the train we enjoyed our treat.

We arrived at my brother’s house; he had the gift bag all ready. As he entered he shouted (name) it’s your birthday. She was out, but when she came in He greeted her with the gift. He spent the rest of the day running around and bouncing off of things. Then the Farmers Commercial came on and when they started singing the jingle, he chimed in. He did the same thing when the NFL commercial came on with the days of the week.

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