Chocolate fingers

Posted on 27th March 2012 in Fun with my son

After the pickup we headed to my old school in west philly. Our Lady of Rosary was where I began my educational journey. The name has changed, but everything is still the same. As we walked around the school yard, I was telling him about what I did here and there. Where I used to line up, play wall ball chase the girls, and roll down the incline in old carpet rolls, brought back a lot of memories.  We entered the church and waited for mass to start. I gave Ajani my phone to occupy his time. Now we have been in the church before but for some reason he wanted to leave. He was real adamant about it. We went outside and I began to question him. He said “there is a monster inside the church and he wants to get my body” I assured him that there is no monster in the church.

We were on our way to Target to find Francesco and at last, he was found! I must say that his process of choosing a toy is very calculated. There were 3 different Francesco’s to choose from. He was all by his self, paired with another Cars character and he was with Lighting McQueen and two others. He looked held all three packages and he picked the one that had all four. I tried to give him the bag. He took the cars out and gave me the bag back. On the ride to my brothers, he fell asleep.

After lunch, he was all play. He has a new thing also. I was sitting on the floor and he would run and dive on me. That went on for about 10 mins.  I was also told that he was seen in Red Lobster during the week.  I asked him about that.  This was the conversation.

“Hey buddy, heard you were at Red Lobster last week”

“Yes daddy, the lobsters were trying to pinch my hands”

“Ok and what were you doing at the restaurant?”

“Running around (with a big smile)”

“And who were you with?”

“Mommy and nala” ( DM aka the beast)

“And what did mommy tell you?” 

“Stop running around”

“And what did you do?”

“Kept running around”

I don’t have those problems when we go out.

It was time to go. I told him that we will be leaving in about 10 mins. Gathering up our things, I said ready to go? He said, give me 5 mins

We usually end our day with a couple of Hersey’s candy bars. I have the almonds, he has the plain. We talk about the day. Again he asked me if he can come home with me. While he is eating the candy, it melts on his fingers. So I went in to cookie monster voice. “Look at the chocolate fingers, I have to have them!! But he was not having that and sucked it off his fingers .



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