Daddy , that’s not metal!

Posted on 24th April 2014 in Fun with my son

Yes it’s been a while since I posted up anything. (Had some issues to get out of the way) Well Sat he was waiting at the door which seems to be the norm now. Before he would sit with handler 1, but for the past few times he has been at the door waiting for me. A few things I have noticed at the pick up. 1) Handler 2 stays in the car 2) when we are leaving, they usually say things like “have a good time, love you, and stuff like that” he just ignores them and we have our conversation. He doesn’t even look in their direction.  Last time we were together, he broke is tablet, so this week his first words were “did you get my tablet” I explained that I did not get the paperwork yet. I then proceeded to explain the process of returns On to breakfast!


Best Meal of the day

We usually go down town and walk around, but I want to stop by the phone store and check out a new phone. So I asked him, Can daddy go to the phone store? Yes, can we go to toys r us?  Making deals already so we headed to the phone store. To keep him occupied in the store I put on some music for him and he listed till we go to toys r us which is about 6 blocks away. I was checking the playlist; there are certain songs that he can’t hear now. All was good, he was bobbing his head, and I thought I saw a little air guitar.

CAM00052 (1)

Mario Duplantier is a pretty good drummer


this is what he is listing to at the moment the picture was taken

  We went and picked up his buddy and headed down town to some children’s activities that I read about on the parkway. We walked up the parkway and there was NOTHING!!! Not a thing. Well those plans were squashed. So we walked around down town. They developed a game, “the next (fill in the blank) I see, I’m going to freak out” First I was the trees blooming, then it was motorcycles, then it was white cars, and ended up with a bus. We arrived at McDonalds, because they were giving   Skylander Giants  in the happy meals. After Lunch we headed to the playground, let them burn off some more energy. Sunday I had to get the paper work to send his tablet back and that was over his uncles. On the bus ride he said “daddy I want to listen to some metal” I was more than happy to oblige.  I set up the phone and handed him the phone. “That’s not metal” I looked at the phone it was playing RAGE AGAINST  THE MACHINE, so he changed the song , which I never showed him how to do that, he kept going through the play list ,he would listen to the song for about a minute and say that’s not metal. Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Rage, and a few others were not metal in his ears. He found A LIFE ONCE LOST and yelled on the bus that’s metal daddy!! The song was VULTURE


He listen to the whole Hunter album twice and fell in love with A Life Once lost his favorite songs are Vulture   It was a treat watching him move his lips like he knew the words.

One thing I did observe was that the music that was basic 3 cord stuff, he did not like. The stuff that was different time signatures, and kick ass drummers, like Gojira ,Messugah , Through the eyes of the Dead and Slayer he loves that. We spent the rest of the day at his buddies’ house eating and playing. Monday I drop him off at daycare and we have quite a journey. We always stop a Dunkin Doughnuts to get some munchkins and chocolate milk. On the train he asked can he hear that song, which one I asked. The guy say “I will hunt you” actually the lyric is “ I will haunt you till the day you die”  but I know what he was talking about  he listen to that song and only that song for the whole bus ride to his school. When he got there, he asked can he show his teacher. So there he was showing his teacher the album cover and said I like this song, His teacher read what is said, A LIFE ONCE LOST,HUNTER she asked him Do you like rock and roll. He said yes.   220px-Hunter_album

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