Love my buddy!

Posted on 8th November 2011 in Fun with my son


I usually arrive a little early, check the news and email. Around 9:25 I get ready for Ajani. Agony is gripping about 9: 27 that’s when they usually pull up. This Sunday, they did not show up. 9:33 I am wondering if they are going to pull some shit. At 9:40 the red dyke mobile pulled up.  I was greeted with a big hug. I explained to him about last week and that we have to be strong, that there will be a time in the near future that we will go home together. He said “ok”. He asked for Lighting McQueen and after a long search I realized that I forgot him.

I was holding him in my arms on the train and he was just smiling. I said “what’s up buddy”?

“Nothing I’m just happy”

Really, why are you so happy?

“(Be)cause I’m with daddy”

Some of the folks around us laughed and gave accolades. THAT MADE ME FELL REAL GOOD!!!!!

After getting Lighting and Cars 2, the REAL MOVIE NO BOOTLEGS!!! We headed out to my brothers. He fell asleep on the trolley ride. He slept for about a half, and was up to play. But the Cowboys were on, So we split play time and the game.

We talked and joked on the way to the pick up. I told him that on Tuesday I have to go to court and fight for us.  I then did a little fight sequence, throwing a few punches and dancing around. He was there right with me doing the same thing. The pick up was not the same. This time he said “I want to go with him” and said it very loud. As he walked to the car he turned and I waved. This is killing both of us.






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