Gordon Found & Running Man

Posted on 16th January 2012 in Fun with my son

I was real busy last week and did not have time to make the post. Last week was another gem. After the pickup He said that he wanted Gordon, so that what we set out to do. We headed to the gallery to Kmart. No Gordon, all the stores down town did not have him neither. So we headed to Target in South Philly.  We stopped at McDonalds for lunch and to play. His interaction with other children is improving. After an hour of playing we headed out to continue our search for Gordon. He fell asleep on the bus ride. As we were walking across the parking lot he woke up. That child radar kicked in because he turned around and saw the Mouse. Chucky Cheese was right there. “Oh I want to go to Chucky Cheese” keep saying that. So he had a choice to make Gordon or the cheese.

You can guess where we went.

This Sunday he asked me, can we go to chucky cheese? I reminded him that we went there last week and we go to the cheese once a month. He was ok with that. As we arrived at the bus stop I ask him do you want to walk or catch the bus. He said walk. During the walk we generally talk about his past week. As we were crossing the street, he wanted to run and that’s what we did whenever we had the chance. For some reason he was in a “mood” and did not talk much. We took a train ride to Norristown to kill a little time which he enjoyed. I gave him Gordon while we were on the train, He screemed VERY loud

Arriving at his uncle’s house we played watched football and ate. His uncle had a present for him and when he gave it to him He was real excited HE even said “wow that’s cool” it was a RC Lighting McQueen. Real nice so we went out and played with that for a while. After a nap on my chest, it was time to go. This is really starting to take a toll on him. Whenever I say it’s time to go, shoulders go slack, he drops his head and get silent. This is not normal!!!

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