Happy Birthday Ajani

Posted on 25th October 2011 in Fun with my son

Father and Son 3 yrs old


Sunday was a wonderful day. We celebrated Ajani’s Birthday. At the pick up, I gave him his card signed by family and we went through our breakfast thing. This time he asked “can I come and have breakfast with him at home” This is really tearing me up.  He also said “You’re going to buy me Edward” Now he is telling me what to do! The game plan was to go to the movies, but the movie we wanted to see started late in the afternoon.  So we headed into town to find Edward. The stores in the Gallery don’t open till 12 so we walked around till Kmart opened. We were standing out side of Burlington Coat Factory and he wanted to go in. He got real upset when he could not go in. Riding on the glass elevators, he had a bird’s eye view of the mall. The doors opened and once again he led me around Burlington Coat Factory. Up and down the escalators, through the isles, telling everyone “this is my daddy”.   We arrived at the children’s department. He looked over the toys, looking for Edward. He saw a few Batman and Joker toys but they didn’t seem to catch is interest. After a few mins of that he said “Come on daddy” grabbed my finger and led me out the store.

At Kmart, we searched for Edward but just like we looked for Toby, we could no find Edward.  He decided on a new Thomas train that talks. I let him pay for it.  We always have fun at the register. We go through the “who’s going to pay for it”? I gave him the bag to carry, he said “you carry it”. So I added another bag to my collection. While getting out cookies, he saw a Thomas poster. It was a name card. Now he has his name on the sign with Thomas.

He was greeted with “Happy Birthdays’ from every one at my brothers. We sat and watched a Percy movie and the Green Lantern. Then it was cake time! My niece baked the cake (no store cake, real love).Sung the birthday song and he blew out the candle on one try. I read his card to him and gave him his present and he loves it! and played with it the rest of the day. As we were getting ready to leave, he asked me if he could take it home. I wanted to say yes but I told him not this time. He understood. So he asked if he could take Thomas home.  I said Yes. I put the computer I got him earlier in the bag of presents.

The main reason why I did not let him take it home is the people ( I use that word VERY LOOSELY) I am dealing with. When I used to see him at the Family court nursery, I would send things home with him. And they would never return. Now the thinking that I was working on was he would associate the items that I give him with me, since I am being forced out. But they don’t even have the decency to do that.

Oh, I see the support money is being used for Ajani, I bet he enjoys the new TV!



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