know your enemy

Posted on 10th October 2011 in Fun with my son

On the train ride in to down town he saw my headphones and wanted to put them on. I adjusted the volume and put them on his ears. Well I’ll say the response was a little more than I expected. He started bobbing his head! I looked and a few other people looked. One lady said “I wonder what’s he’s listing to?” I checked the phone and Rage Against the Machine was on, Know your Enemy. I said that. He piped up and said “know your enemy” she looked at us and said what? I repeated my self; Ajani was just bobbing his head. We walked around down town and took our new tour of the Marriott. I was checking what songs were playing and checking his reactions. All was good.

After a pit stop he asked for the head phones again. I put them on his head and pressed play. He started bobbing his head and then he started “moshing” not complete but he did three circles and the arm swing motions were there. Now incase you don’t have a clue as to what moshing is here is a clip.


A few people were watching and once aging someone asked what is he listing to? Slipknot: I am Hated

I was amazed and so was everyone else. I grabbed him and off we went to catch the bus. On the way to the bus he stopped and looked at me. I checked the phone and saw what was playing, A Life Once Lost: I said “Oh I see what that look was for” A Life Once Lost is/was a local band, great tunes and innovators of metal. On the bus he fell asleep.

We were watching the Eagles try and play football and the pizza arrived. Everyone was going to the kitchen he said “daddy want some pizza?” and then grabbed me by the finger and “come on daddy lets get some pizza”.  We sat and watched the rest of the eagles practice and then went to play a little football ourselves. On the ride back he asked me once again, can I come home and play with him. Once again I had to tell my son that soon we will be playing together at home. Where ever that is.

Minds are like parachutes and books, all only work when opened

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