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Posted on 21st December 2011 in Fun with my son

Sunday I had a computer job to do so Ajani came with me.  I put a Thomas the Train app on my phone. When I showed it to him, he went wild, jumping up and down.  I showed him how to play the matching game. The goal is to match the trains on the cards. The first time he heard the bells ring when he got it right, he had the biggest smile and looked at me. I was like “yea buddy you got it right” we did our high fives. He keep playing the game every time he got it right he would run around and bounce of the sofa and do flips, which he is getting good at. Then we moved to the puzzle part and once again he got to the second level.  We headed out and he mentioned that he was hungry. Guess no frosted flakes. So off to breakfast we went.  We enjoyed pancakes and bacon and yes he was hungry!

When we got down on the platform waiting for the sub, he saw a Muppet poster. He said “Miss Piggy and her frog” Knowing that his pronunciation is improving, I said who? He tried to say Kermit and after several attempts he went with “her frog” which I thought was interesting. On the train ride he slept all the way to my brothers’ house.

His cousin, Melissa, was home for semester break and they greeted each other with big hugs and kisses. He played with everyone. I went out to get his chicken strips and brownie and when I returned, I was greeted with a great big DADDY!!!! and a death grip hug to the legs. More playing and eating then it was time to go.

On the way to the train, I asked him did he have fun and he said “yes I did” Then he proceeded to say that he had fun with, livia (Olivia),lissa (Meslissa), trica (Patricia) and ronica (Veronica) . I usually try to get there early so we can have some us time. That’s when I usually have my talk. After I had the talk, he went over to the station building and said “this is my house, come on daddy” After walking in, he proceeded to “lock the door” and proclaimed this is his house. So I asked him where is your room, he pointed to a corner. I then went through the different rooms in a house. He pointed to different spots around the building. He then pointed to the same corner where his room is and said “that’s your room”

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