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The past two weeks Ajani was sick. Last week he had the chicken pox.  It was great to see him. He walked through the doors and said “Daddy” and we gave each other big hugs.  As we were walking down the street, we talked about how he spent the last week. I told him that I missed him and that I’m glad that he is all better.

He then said “daddy you have to buy me diesel 10”

Why, what happened to the one that I brought you?

He said he lost it in his room. I then went in the a brief explanation about responsibility.  He asked for daddy express and his Fisher Price Computer. That’s how we walked to the El. Talking and playing his game. On the train we sat near a poster that had a bunch of letters. I would point to the letter and he would say it. We did this till he fell asleep on my shoulder. I carried him from the train about 5 blocks, dead asleep the whole way. As soon as I arrive at my brother’s house and laid him down, for about all of 30 seconds, he woke up. And he was 100% better. The last time everyone saw him, all he did lay on my shoulder and sleep. Not today, he was all over the place and we all enjoyed it. He got carried away a few times and we had to spend a few time outs but all in all it was good to see him active. And eating!!

While we were heading back he asked me again about Diesel 10. Once again I asked him what happened to the one I brought him.

He told me the answer.  He said “mommy got mad at me and threw it away”.


recorded at the train station on the way home



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