Roslyn hopson is a stupid little girl part 2

Posted on 27th August 2020 in her shit

OK it is Wednesday the time right now y 2220 hours OK So what about 4:00 o’clock this afternoon I received a phone call from a private number and I normally don’t pick those up but since I know that the last couple times I got a private number call it was ajani and for the three minutes that I did get the talks one he told me that he was sick with the flu but that’s what I told him and that’s why he hasn’t been able to talk to me for the past few weeks and uh well last year I got him a an Xbox for his birthday and since that time I think he’s been ordered from about maybe a total of maybe 3 hours and that’s been over a year ago because I can check  and see what he’s doing on it with James he’s planning on how much time he spent spends on it and I can even change the times that he is allowed to play on it and I can do other stuff from my location here I don’t have to actually be there to do that but that’s what I that’s technology that’s why on the side so once again during the brief conversation that I did have with him I asked him I said how come you haven’t been on your Xbox I know the reason why but he told me that he’s just been playing on his iPad and other things you’re sick but then I told him that I did wanna speak to him today that I will call him back again at 7:30 which is the time that I’m supposed to be calling well I called again at 7:30 and of course it went to voicemail which your voice mailbox was filled up again and I sent a text called again at 8:00 o’clock call beginning quarter after 8 and then called again said a couple of Text basically letting her know that you know this is me coin that you’re not being compliant with the custom you order that she was so very vehemently shooting for that I wouldn’t have any actual physical contact with him now what kind of a mother just does that self centered narcissistic one I wouldn’t even put mother anywhere near that so it’s been actually it’s been over a month and tired spend more than five minutes on the phone with my son but they’ll take my stimulus chat every time I get 2 nickels to rub next to each other they’re taking one of ’em away and they want three cents from the other nickel I’ll be glad when 1501 arch St opens back up so we can get to court and have a rasping jail spend some time in jail that’s what I think she needs she needs a cheese sandwich and a warm bottle of water and some roaches crawling on  At the time this posting is going up which will be at 2245 hours still have not gotten the call back from last week for the past two weeks then nor for today

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