stupid girl

Posted on 26th September 2019 in Fun with my son, her shit
not a woman but just a stupid girl

best line of the lyrics is A million lies to sell your selfe is all you ever had

putting on a front to keep Ajani from his father why because my mother did this to my father

ok new tactic that is being deployed she lets our son read the text that we exchange now the court order states that every wed @7 well this wed I called at 709 I was told that he will call me back on his phone which is funny because he told me his phone was broken and cant lost needles to say I did not get a call wed night but at 740 this morning my phone run and it was my son told d me that he did not call because I disrespected his mother with the text that I sent I told him that she does not respect neither one of us by doing what she is doing here is the text but before I get into that have to bring up something from last weeks call I called at y7 was told he is asleep????? now hei s in the 5th grade I have not seen a repot card yet and have only gotten 2 school pictures I was told that I would get a call when he gets up never got the call rozYou actual called at ,7:11 pm. You are always calling after 7pm. But anyway he will call you before bedtime.

Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to Ajani better yet I don’t want to talk to you only if it concerns Ajani you know what you are doing is damn near torture psychological torture what you’re doing to him yeah you’re right he is going to be 18 years old here pretty soon matter fact your problem is going to be starting in about 2 years cuz when he hits 13 that’s when your problems are going to start me Hell I don’t care I called at 7:09 you didn’t pick up at 7:00 okay skipping skipping song Forever skipping song Forever okay skipping song Forever okay we we keep playing these stupid fucking games

me :11 minutes after 7 does not constitute you not letting me speak to him don’t worry the judge is going to straighten out your stupid fucking ass

rozI told Ajani to call you on his phone.

meokay how can that happen if his phone is broken

me Okay it’s 9:45 then you should be getting ready to go to bed soon still waiting on that call4 now he should already be in bed sleepy in the afternoon when he gets home from school so now you got to contempt charges on you that I will be filing 210 Thursday morning Nd no call no excuses got my call this morning

you thoughtyou were special but you are nothing at all

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