the son is mine

Posted on 19th August 2018 in her shit

evry time she does not get her way in court my son suffers how by cutting communication between us on June the 6th we went to support court because I asked for a modification and GOT IT THE SUPPORT ORDER WAS REDUCED TO $192 A MONTH FROM$600 SHE APPEALED AN THEN WE WENT TO THE SUPPORT MASTER ON THE 18TH OF JULY WELL AFTER THE JUNE 6TH  COURT DATE THE ONLY TIME I SAW MY SON WAS JUNE 23 SPOKE TO HIM ON THE 19TH22 AFTER THE 22 CALL I SPOKE TO HIM AGAING ON AUG 5TH BUT SHE SAYS SHE IS NOT KEEPING HIM FROM ME I CALL BULL SHIT  SO AFTER THE CALL ON THE 5TH  NOW I SAW Hroslyn  hopson IN COURT ON THE 1ST OF AUG I ASKED HER CAN I TAKE AJANI TO THE MOVIES THAT WEEKEND SHE SAID I HAD TO ASK HIM I SAID YOU ARE THE ADULT HERE  SO I SPENT THE WEEKEND CALLING HIS PHONE BUT NO ANSWER  i  SPOKE TO HIM ON THE 5TH I GOT THE NEW SUPPORT ORDER ON THE 17TH WHICH VACATED THE SUPPORT ORDER IT HAS been reduced to a reares order only I havent spoke to him since the 5th of aug now   he wanted to see the new teen titian move that’s our sat morning cartoon and I also need to talk about his birthday  no reply from her I STILL HAVE NOT SPOKEN TO MY SON NOW HE IS SUPPOSE TO START SCHOOL ON THE 30TH OF AUG BUT HER BITCH NOW WILL BE TO TELL MY SON That there are some things that he wont be able to get due to no child support from your father now i told her that your greed will be your demise see the thing is she brought all this mess to the courts and now she is not happy with the results i told her in court  you brought the bed and the sheets now go to sleep. that  a the  support master that was before the masters decision decision so now i have to petition the courts for an earlier court date before may 19

the son is mine impending doom

Blind eyes and deaf ears
Are not welcome here
In my desperation
I’ll fight for your affection
To set me apart
To find who I truly am
The son is mine
Power corrupts definitely
Conceit is a mask to insecurity
Your influence has been criticized
By friends and enemies
I know that no matter how many bridges I burn
How many lessons I never fully learn
Love is something all alone
I would never deserve
The son is mine
This is my confession of my troubled soul
Renew me
And make my eyes shine
The son is mine
This is a conflict of two natures
In my body
Is both evil and death who will set me free?
Power corrupts definitely
Conceit is a mask to insecurity
Your influence has been criticized
By friends and enemies
The sun never sets on my life
The son never sets
The son is mine for life

and here is ajani’s favorite song when were together the line can you feel this uproar he repeated that fist clenched and stomped his footonthe floor






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