This Stuff is suppose to Kill ya


Around the age of 13,I became full engrossed in science and chemistry and any thing that had to do with it. I had a pretty large chemistry set with all the gadgets that went along with it. I also and still am a avid reader. I read our set of encyclopedias too many times to count.

While gathering chemicals for my set, I came across a silver substance and was really amazed at it’s structure. I had about 20 oz. of the stuff. After playing with it for a few days, I had an idea………….

I had access to some insulin needles and thought “What would happen if I injected this in to my body?” Not your normal thinking pattern for a 13 yr old (or so I’ve been told).Well that’s what I did. 3 injections in the left arm, 1 in the leg, 1 in the stomach and drank about 5 oz.

The next day I called the poison control center to get some information on any complications that might arise. The charming lady on the phone advised me of this: After exposure to a small amount of mercury could lead sickness and even death. She then proceeded to run down all the side affects of toxic poisoning. I did not have any.

About 3 days later, the injection spot on my leg started to turn ugly. The upper layer of skin was gone and all that was left was the pink with little droplets of mercury. How was I going to explain this????? After having the stuff in me for about a week, I started to get SERIOUS blisters on the injection sites.

There was a block party and I was sitting next to the grill and I was bringing a plate of food into the house and I was asked “what happened to your hand?” The first thing that came to my mind was ” I burned my self on the grill” We were off to the hospital. On the way I told my parents what I had did. No need to go on about that car ride!

It was a hot summer evening 1977 when we arrived at Women’s Medical on Henry Ave. The waiting room was full with the people. I remember there was a man with a bloody towel near the reception area. We walked up to the nurse and she asked “Can I help You”? My father Said TELL HER! I Said I injected my self with mercury”. She stopped writing pause then looked up. Excuse me, what did you say? The waiting room got kind of quite too. I repeated my self.

Later on the evening I remember few doctors on bathrobes coming in to see me. I spent that summer in the hospital. They cut the dead layers of skin and put skin grafts on the injection sites.

According to everyone I was suppose to be dead with in a week. Many years latter I still tell that story.

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