” the voice of the intelligence is drowned out by the roar of fear.


it is ignored by the voice desire.


it is contradicted by the voice of shame.


it is biased by hate and extinguished by anger.


Most of all it is silenced by ignorance”

Karl Menninger



I have been nightmare since January, and there are a lot of question that  I need answered. It has taken a toll on me. The only thing in life that I only wanted was a family. Not to be rich, and famous but to raise a child or children. To teach my offspring about life and to share my own experiences as a teaching tool. To teach from knowledge and from actually doing it. To have that TAKEN away from me for NO GODDAMN reason it the lowest thing people can do.

One of the biggest issues in the black community is the fathers not being in their children’s lives. Grant it there are some that make the choice not to be involved for what ever reason. BUT I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE!!! NOR DO I HAVE A BUNCH OF CHILDREN OUT THERE!

When I found out that I was going to be a father, I was crazy with excitement.

 But I am being denied my rights as a father because some people are living in their own selfishness. I could see if I was abusive, cheating, a drunk or a druggie or just didn’t give a damn. I have not committed any crime against anyone or nature to be treated like this.

 The way that this all came down was planned. First the PFA, then two weeks later, child support, the custody. I received mail in the following month pertaining to the for mentioned matters. By tying me up in court, having me arrested, and denying me my court ordered visits, I’m suppose to give up.


 Ajain’s birthday is the 22 of Oct. During one hearing I was granted a birthday visit on the 25 of Oct, I see him every other week for 2 hrs, this was during the off week.

I waited for an hour THEY DID NOT SHOW UP!!!!!!


 I know all the questions that I have will never be answered truthfully.

But know this, questions will be asked in a few years by someone

they will wonder why and how come

then they will be told the


about the why and how come

and the cause


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